David Rubinger

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Artist Info:
David Rubinger was born in Vienna in 1924, came to Israel in 1939.Upon returning from service with the British Forces in WW-II started career in photojuornalism. In 1954 started to work for TIME/LIFE.During the 70's Rubinger was named TIME contract photographer a position he holds to this day. Rubingerwas always there in all the wars and all the big events in Israel's history. In 1997 Rubinger was awarded the Israel Prize the highest honor that the state of Israel gives its citizens. In 2008 his biography was published "Israel Through My Lens: Sixty Years As a Photojounalist by Shimon Peres, Ruth Corman and David Rubinger. "To take pictures is to feel. Sometimes you shoot what you witness with pride, at other times it is with pain"- David Rubinger

Paratroopers at the Kotel June 1968, David Rubinger
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